Listed below is a group of individuals who were overwhelmingly satisfied with their Safe & Sound experience.

We are confident that after contacting Safe & Sound to perform your home inspection you will be just as pleased with the overall service and experience as these wonderful people.

Client-Not Fooled By The “MOVE-IN READY” Listing


Just because it says MOVE-IN READY, does not mean the home is MOVE-IN READY.  I am so thankful that I attend the Atlanta Urban League Homebuyer’s Education Class July 2012.  Tyrus Parrish the guest speaker, educating us the importance of Home Inspections and how not getting a home inspection could cost us thousands of dollars later.

Taking his advice, I contacted Tyrus to inspect the NSP MOVE-IN READY property, which I am soon to close on.  Results of the home inspections revealed several issues that must be addressed immediately—one that is very hazardous was the gas leak from the double-sided fireplace and the other was both of the air conditioning units never cooled the house at all.  A window in the kitchen area was hard to open and close; also a window in the living room would not open at all.

With all that said, I highly recommend everyone to get your potential new home inspected preferably by Tyrus Parrish. Don’t be fooled by the words, “MOVE-IN READY”.  Oh, and after the repairs/issues are complete, please have Tyrus come out to make sure everything is properly working.

R. Evans

Client- Almost Lost It All On A Renovated NSP Property

I attended a home buyer’s class at the Urban League in March where I met Tyrus Parrish.  He was the home inspector that was a guest speaker, for the program.    Prior to taking this class, I was told by my real estate agent to get my home inspected.  I thought I didn’t need an inspection because my home looked brand new, built in 2004, and because it was an NSP home.  It had new paint, new carpet, new appliances, so I thought everything would be fine.  Especially when I found out that all NSP homes have to get an inspection by the county.  So I didn’t take heed to the warning.

In class I learned a lot of great information on what to expect when buying a home, to insuring a home, all the way to inspecting it.  After wards I realized that I made a big mistake by not getting my house inspected.  After Tyrus finished his speech on how and what to expect with an inspection, I was a little worried that I didn’t get the house inspected.  I found out that many county inspections are done and barely pass with a 70%, and how everyone that inspects homes, don’t necessarily have to be certified.  That information made me nervous about purchasing this home without it being inspected.

Needless to say, two weeks after the class I had Tyrus to come and inspect the home.  Everything seemed to work out just fine, until we heard a stream of water coming from somewhere.   There was a major leak in the master bathroom’s shower.  It was so bad that it leaked from the bathroom all the way down to the dining room and onto the carpet.  The ceiling was sagging down from all the water that spilled over. The leak was bad enough to spill over to the outside walls of the house.

I’m glad that I got the inspection done because I was able to get the damages repaired before I closed on the house.  Now, I have a clear conscious about buying a home that’s safe for my family.

It’s so important to get your new home inspected no matter  what inspection that it had before or no matter how new the home maybe.  The make- up of the home may look great from the outside, but it could possibly have underlying issues that can’t be seen.

B. Galoriche

Client With 2nd Thoughts

I was referred to Safe & Sound Home Inspections by my realtor. I found a house that I fell in LOVE with, and really had second thoughts about even needing it to be inspected, but per her advise, I contacted Mr. Parrish. Mr. Parrish responded to my call PROMPTLY and PROFESSIONALLY…….first giving me the opportunity to tell him MY schedule and availability, then ever so willing to work himself around it to meet my needs. Once I met Mr. Parrish, I found him to be very focused, precise and knowledgeable as he went from room to room making his notes.

He offered answers and explanations with extraordinary patience to any and all of my many questions, as I was new to this process, and wanted to know what he was looking for…..AND finding. My biggest and final impression came with the most thorough report he submitted to me within the 24 promised hours, as I could understand it fully with the illustrations and pictures provided.

Mr. Parrish’s profound professionalism and expertise leave NOTHING for the imagination, because it is ALL comfortably displayed from beginning to the end of his work. I felt and feel comfortable working with him and highly recommend him to others.

E. Taylor

Client that was WOW’d by her inspector

“I was truly ‘Wowed’ by the experience of having Tyrus as my home inspector. He was able to work around my very demanding work schedule by meeting me after his inspection to discuss his findings. During this time, he walked me through the entire home and pointed out locations of maintenance units. I was officially ‘Wowed’ when he went a step further and showed me how to properly maintain these units. As a first time home buyer, a home inspection can become easily overwhelming. However, by choosing Tyrus as my home inspector, I was able to make sound decisions throughout the remainder of my homebuying process without feeling a bit bemused. Thanks Tyrus!”.

N. Dial

Client Knows To Not “Truss” The Builder’s Agent

Tyrus saved me from buying a flawed newly constructed home! In the homebuyers class Tyrus taught us the importance of having your own inspection even if it is a newly constructed home. He taught us that, “Private Inspectors work for you.” In my case this was my saving grace. I was told by the Agent of the Builder that my new construction is inspected over 50 times by the city inspectors throughout the building process and there was no need for me to have a private inspector, I am simply wasting my time and money. Thankfully I listened in class when Tyrus recommended that there should be a private inspection even on new construction. Tyrus conducted three (phased) inspections for me.

During the framing inspection he found multiple errors in which he explained the entire process and what problems would occur if it was not fixed. (Apparently, the city inspectors did not find these problems during their inspections).

During what we thought was the final inspection Tyrus found that the subcontractors broke 3 of 4 trusses, so we did a second final inspection only to find that the 4th truss was now broken by the subcontractors who fixed the other 3. Tyrus instructed me on how to handle the insurance of any problems being covered by the builder.

A house is one of the greatest investments of your life and the second greatest investment was having Tyrus be on my team.

S. Dozier

Impressed Client

While in the process of purchasing a new home, I used Safe and Sound Home Inspections. I was very impressed with the professionalism, the quick turn around service, and the detail of my reports. I will be very happy to recommend Safe and Sound to anyone purchasing a home.

T. Mapson

Agent-STILL using Safe & Sound in 2012

“Tyrus is a great home inspector. I used him several times in 2007 and will use him in 2008. He will provide your client with a detail report that will allow them to make a sound decision at the same time not killing your deal.

Willie Acree – Keller Williams Atlanta Ga

Client-Likes Manners and Detail

“Tyrus is a well mannered, well spoken and eager professional. He is very detailed and organized. He can explain resullts that make sense and does not leave you wondering if you missed something. I would recommend his Home Inspection business to anyone!”

Keisha T

Agent- Appreciates Photos

“Tyrus is a detailed and thorough Home Inspector. Tyrus makes sure the prospective home buyer is onsite with him while he performs the home inspection. If there are any repairs that need to be made to the property, Tyrus makes sure that he takes pictures of the repairs and gives a detail explaination as to why the repairs are needed. If you need a home inspection, Tyrus Parrish is the person you should call!”

Darryle Lee

Agent-Straight To The Point!

“I have used Mr. Parrish on several occasions. He is very thorough and precise.

Martine Robinson – Sanctuary Real Estate

Client- Home Inspections Are Priceless

Home Inspections- I can’t put into words how valuable a home inspection was for me. When buying a home the cost of an inspection is irrelevant, because it gives you peace of mind. My home inspector- Tyrus Parrish, is phenomenal!! He saw things I wouldn’t have caught, such as, faulty outlets, doors not latching, no electrical outlet for the washing machine, no air duct for the clothes dryer, leaky dishwasher and faucets, faulty temperature for furnace…well you get the point. A home inspection can be used to make the builder aware of things that may have been missed and require his attention. More importantly, it is to make you aware of what you are purchasing. A home inspection is vital to your peace of mind and your pocket. This is a major investment, don’t you think you’re worth it?

A. Lamar

Client-Made Safe & Sound A Part of Her Real Estate Team!

“Tyrus has performed multiple inspections for me. His in-depth knowledge of building codes and construction are very extremely helpful during the home building/buying process. I highly recommend him.”

Jennifer S.

Client – Didn’t Fall For The New Home Smell

I heard Tyrus speak at a Homebuyers seminar in May and I knew I had to call him to perform my inspection when it was time. I’d had a walk through with my builder and he assured me that everything was fine because the county inspector had given him the CO (“stamp of approval”). I remembered Tyrus saying that the builder would probably say this, but because the county inspection is not as thorough, that it’s still a good idea to have a private inspection done. WELL, I’m so grateful that I did. He found a water leak in the master bathroom that we’d completely missed just one day before. Tyrus also checked some things that we hadn’t even thought about checking during the walk through. Now that I’ve had my inspection, my builder will have the repairs completed before I move in. I would recommend Safe and Sound Home Inspections to everyone, there’s nothing like having peace of mind. Thank you Tyrus.

Sonya B.

Lender- Recognizes Work Ethics and Integrity

“I have worked with Tyrus as a business partner for several years now. He has exemplified a level of professionalism second to none. He has excellent work ethics proven by the integrity that he demonstrates on a daily basis. His home inspection are very thorough, detailed and factual. I highly recommend that anyone in need of a home inspection utilize his services because of the excellent track record that he has established with my company!”

Stan Butler- Omni Mortgage

Confident Client

“Tyrus was personable, knowledgeable and detailed about his inspection. He made the home purchase process manageable. Definitely reliable and dependable.”

Shani C. Brown

Client- Got A Phased Inspection And Came Out A Winner

I would like to express my appreciation for your help in my home buying process. Your professionalism was great. You were very knowledge in informing me on the different phases of the inspection process. You never were to busy to answer any of my questions. Also, you also pointed out things I would have never thought to ask. It was also nice that I was able to receive a color print out of the inspections and you were able to go over each area in detail.

I appreciate that you are dedicated to your job. I called at the last minute to have the second phase of my inspection done and you came right out (that meant a whole lot to me).

A. Graham

Client-Received Peace of Mind

I was very happy with the service I received from Safe and Sound Home Inspections. I was able to walk through the home inspection process with Tyrus and ask questions as I went along.

This was very helpful in helping me to decide if I wanted the sellers to make the repairs or was it something I could do on my own. After he completed the inspection he gave me the results on the spot with color photos to accompany my inspection report. I felt very confident in my home inspection and when I had questions later he was always accessible and returned my phone calls in a timely manner.

I would not have chosen another person to inspect my home. I feel confident in my inspection and safe and sound in my home.

I. Wright

Client-Discovers A Rare Find!

“In today’s marketplace it is rare to find individuals who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction, even rarer, is finding individuals who take pride in ensuring that his or her work exhibits excellence and quality. That is why I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Parrish’s’ professionalism.

He arrived on time, he conducted a very thorough inspection, he answered all of my questions and at the end of the inspection he handed me a comprehensive home inspection report (which included pictures of faulty areas in the property that were of concern and specific details about what needed to be fixed before I moved in – a 10 plus page report he prepared in about 15 minutes or so in his vehicle (or office …as he likes to call it) while I waited for him in my soon-to-be home). He also made sure to send me and my agent an electronic version of the report!

His expertise, patience, and customer service skills are truly superior. I was very impressed!!”

C. Bristol

Client- Went From The Classroom To Closing! BAM!!

Mr. Parrish spoke at a Homebuyer seminar in July 2009. He was very energetic and knowledgeable of his technique in which he gave the class a test. I called him April 2010 for my home inspection and I am so glad I did. Tyrus was very thorough, detailed and used simple terminology during the home inspection. He showed love and passion for his craft. When he stated that he would send the report when done I didn’t know what to expect, but when I received the report it was well organized with the photos and detailed explanations. I was very impressed with his work. I showed my Mortgage Officer a copy of the report in which she stated, “I’ve heard and seen Tyrus’s great work”. Mr. Parrish thank you for your excellent work, I personally think you should do a commercial.

P. Hill

Client-Enjoys Promptness & Work Ethics

I was truly impressed by your knowledge and professionalism. Your promptness in providing the report is also, very much appreciated. I will not hesitate to pass along my satisfaction with your work ethics to other prospective home buyers.

Z. Aloun


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